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Even before the pandemic, communities faced the challenges of food waste and food insecurity. The DoorDash platform was built to help solve these types of problems.

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Project DASH

Launched in 2018, Project DASH empowers community organizations to leverage DoorDash logistics to increase access in their communities. As a result of COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders, a tremendous need emerged for last-mile provision of food and supplies to seniors, the immunocompromised, and families facing food insecurity or transportation barriers. We expanded Project DASH to meet the need.

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estimated meals delivered through Project DASH


deliveries of meals, groceries, household goods and school supplies


of Project DASH deliveries are made to communities of color

We're advocating for public policy that broadens food access.

Community impact

The blue dots on the map below spotlight the communities where DoorDash and our partners have made an impact by providing a necessary service in times of need.

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United Way Worldwide

Due to COVID-19, 50% of call volume to United Way’s 2–1–1 hotline for essential community services in the United States has been related to food accessibility needs due to the pandemic, particularly from seniors, the immuno-compromised, and low-income students and families who are unable to access necessities on their own.

Together, United Way Worldwide and DoorDash are uniquely able to address this critical issue. We’re proud to announce that we’ve reached 800,000 deliveries as part of our partnership with United Way Worldwide and its local chapters, which we launched at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

A client just called to say how much she appreciates the food boxes that have been dropped off at her home. She and her husband are both disabled and struggling to provide for their grandson. She says both the box of food and the delivery people, who always have smiles on their faces, are true blessings. It means so much to her to be able to give her grandson some fruit juice when otherwise he would not be able have this treat. She wanted to make sure we all knew how much our help means to them!

- Akron, OH

Ms. Williams has been displaced since Hurricane Katrina and moves from one family member’s home to another. She is currently staying with her nephew’s family and is thankful that the meal deliveries allow her to provide a little help to her hosts that are ensuring she has shelter during this time.

- New Orleans, LA

If it were not for DoorDash, UW, and Hamilton County Schools, I would struggle to make ends meet with meals for my five children. Not having transportation makes it impossible to get to the food sites, but thankfully, with this service, I am able to take care of my children.

- Chattanooga, TN

Teri received our boxes with an almost empty cupboard. With the groceries delivery from DoorDash, Teri’s cupboard became almost completely full. With the added food, she was excited to invite her daughter over for a meal—something she’d been avoiding doing since she didn’t have food to share.

- Seattle, WA

Supporting Food Recovery

In addition to increasing food access by powering the last mile, Project DASH helps reduce waste through partnerships with food recovery organizations. In 2019, we reached the milestone of one million pounds of surplus, donated food diverted from the landfill and connected to hunger relief nonprofits.