Flexible work & meaningful impact

Dashers look to DoorDash as a source of supplemental income, and they appreciate being able to work when, how and where they want.

Delivering results


On average, Dashers deliver for fewer than 4 hours per week


More than 4 out of 5 Dashers say that gig work is not their main source of income


More than 3 out of 4 Dashers say they have another job or are in school

Profile of the
Dasher Community


The majority of Dashers are women


More than one in ten Dashers is a veteran or the spouse of a veteran


Nearly one in ten Dashers say they have a disability that keeps them from full participation in the workforce


More than 1 in 3 Dashers are parents with children under 18

Providing an essential service

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dashers have been our front-line heroes, ensuring that restaurants can continue feeding their communities and that residents, particularly those who are most vulnerable, continue to have access to food. The safety of Dashers has been our priority, which is why we’ve taken these steps:

All deliveries are no-contact by default

Dashers can get PPE shipped for free, including: gloves, masks, sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes

Eligible Dashers who must self-quarantine due to COVID-19 receive two weeks of financial assistance

Eligible Dashers receive discounted ($4) telehealth appointments and free COVID-19 screenings

Representation and inclusion

We want all Dashers to feel valued, included, and appreciated as they work hard to provide excellent service for restaurants and customers. Dasher success starts with us listening, advocating for their needs, and supporting them in all the ways we can.

Voices of Dashers of Color

Launched in 2020, the VDC provides a safe space for Dashers to tell their stories and share ideas about improving DoorDash.

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Dasher Community Council

Launched in 2019, the Dasher Community Council (DCC) is a diverse group of nine Dashers that works to ensure that all Dashers feel valued, included and appreciated. Being on the DCC gives Dashers a voice inside DoorDash and delivers events, programming, and Dasher experience improvements. Members meet with our executives, inform product improvements, host Dasher events, and share their stories with the public.

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Canadian Dasher Community Council

Launched in 2021, the Canadian Dasher Community Council is composed of a diverse set of Dashers from across Canada, advocating on behalf of the Dasher community.

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Dasher Advisory Groups

Our Dasher Advisory Groups are regionally-focused groups of Dashers dedicated to amplifying the Dasher voice, and advising on key issues affecting their neighborhoods. Dashers join the Dasher Advisory Groups to represent diverse voices from across a province or state. They serve as a sounding board for ideas, test new product features, and provide guidance on local public policy development. We have operated Dasher Advisory Groups in California, New York, and Washington in the United States as well as British Columbia and Ontario in Canada, and continue to expand into new areas.

Financial Empowerment Resources for Dashers

DoorDash is committed to Dashers achieving success on and off the platform. In addition to the perks and rewards of being a Dasher, DoorDash has invested in partnerships to offer resources to help Dashers achieve their financial goals.

National Urban League Financial Empowerment Program

We’ve partnered with the National Urban League to create goalup.org. GoalUp is a free online and on-demand platform that combines the Urban League’s proven financial literacy educational programming with an accessible, mobile-friendly online format.

GoalUp.org offers access to on-demand financial literacy courses across a range of topics from savings and credit to auto-financing and budgeting. Upon successful completion of each course, users receive electronic certificates that can be added to your online resume such as LinkedIn.

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UnidosUS Caminos Financial Empowerment

We’ve partnered with UnidosUS to launch the Caminos financial empowerment initiative. Through Caminos, eligible Dashers in the United States, no matter their location, can receive remote online financial coaching to support them as they pursue their financial goals through individualized, bilingual English and Spanish services. Through the UnidosUS affiliate network, Dashers can also access locally administered bilingual workforce development programs in 10 different cities to develop job-readiness and career-building skills in areas such as finance, sales, and digital skills.

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Proposition 22

California voters approved Proposition 22 by a wide margin, learn about the measure and what it means for Dashers

Dashing has allowed me to have the flexibility to run my company and has provided me with the income to help it grow.

- Ali Mgaresh, New York City, Dasher

I feel like I’m doing a service to restaurants in my neighborhood and helping them keep their doors open.

- King Justice Shaw, Chicago, Dasher

It warms my heart knowing that I’m helping bring food to people who can’t leave their home due to the pandemic.

- Deidre Birtchet, Contra Costa, Dasher

Because I am also deaf, with everyone wearing masks, I’m not able to read lips anymore. This job allows me to work while not feeling like I’m missing anything.

- Gail Donlon, Philadelphia, Dasher

I dash to make money to pay my bills. I also love to be able to make my own schedule, it breaks up the monotony of life, and I can be more active with my family, and friends, which are a very important part of life. People need other people, and if I can bring a smile or joy to someone''s life , I have been rewarded

- Sandra Bardsley, Texas, Dasher

Deals and discounts

Being a Dasher pays in many ways. Thanks to various partnerships, Dashers have access to a number of deals that can help them achieve their personal goals.

The list of Dasher deals is always growing. Get the full picture here.

We work with Stride Health to enable affordable healthcare coverage and exclusive pharmacy deals for Dashers.

We work with General Assembly to provide educational and career-minded workshops for Dashers.

We've worked with companies like CarAdvise, Take5, and more to offer exclusive discounts on auto maintenance and repairs for Dashers.

To help Dashers navigate tax season as Independent Contractors, we work with Catch, Everlance, and TurboTax.


of Dashers value programs offered by DoorDash that provide discounts for auto maintenance, oil changes, and mileage tracking


of Dashers say that their household has had to cut back on expenses during the pandemic

We partner with Catch to offer Dashers resources to save for retirement, put away money for emergency savings, and to find the lowest possible health insurance plan for their needs. The average retirement contribution for Dashers is 2% of their income. 60% of the Dashers using Catch are contributing almost 3% of each paycheck to their emergency savings. On average Dashers saved $345 on their health insurance plans and are paying $118 per month for their 2021 plan.

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We partnered with Take5 to offer Dashers discounts on oil changes. On average, Dashers saved almost $16 per ticket throughout 2020.

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We partnered with GeneralAssembly to offer Dashers 50% off online classes to help them further their education and skill set. Over a thousand dashers have taken courses with General Assembly. The most popular classes are Intro to Coding and Excel Training for Beginners.

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We partner with Everlance to offer dashers an easy way to track their mileage. Over 150,000 Dashers have signed up to track their mileage through Everlance. On average, dashers who use Everlance to track mileage and expenses realize $975 in tax savings a year on a $3900 annual deduction. Across active dashers using Everlance, this is more than $117M in tax savings a year.

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We partner with stride to find Dashers the lowest possible health insurance plan for their needs. Nearly 30,000 Dashers found a health insurance plan through Stride.

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We partner with Clerkie to offer dashers financial wellness and debt management services. Dashers have saved over $21.3M from debt negotiations through Clerkie.

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Thousands of Dashers have taken advantage of Dr+ on Demand services including both behavioral health and urgent care.

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Learn more about the Dasher community, the initiatives we have taken to support Dashers during COVID-19, and how we work with Dashers to improve their experience on DoorDash.