Canadian Dasher Impact

We recognize many Dashers are trying to reach goals like start a business, attend school, or pay for something special. We want Canadian Dashers to feel valued, included, and appreciated as they strive to provide excellent service for merchants and customers.

Canadian Dasher
Community Council

We created the Canadian Dasher Community Council earlier this year, composed of a diverse set of Dashers from across Canada, advocating on behalf of the Dasher community. Dasher success starts with us listening, advocating for your needs, and supporting you in all the ways we can.

Meet Your Dasher Community Council

These nine members of the Canadian DCC, hailing from as far west as Victoria, British Columbia, and as far east as St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador and many places in between, are dedicated to sharing how you really feel with DoorDash.

Kevin began Dashing during the pandemic. He enjoys the flexibility dashing affords through creating his own hours and finds the work is stress free most of the time. Dashing has also allowed Kevin to discover new locations and businesses - over twenty so far.

Kevin joined the DCC to help improve the overall dasher experience at merchants through decreased wait times and washroom accessibility.

- Kevin Clyde

NE Calgary, AB

Robert joined the platform as a Dasher after losing his job during the pandemic. He started slow, but now loves the experience - from driving, dealing with customers, and the flexibility of setting his own hours.

Robert joined the DCC to share his ideas and feedback to improve the Dasher, Merchant, and Customer experience.

- Robert Shillingford

Calgary, AB

Saeid found dashing after the thriving restaurant he and his partners founded tragically caught fire and burned down in 2018. In search for flexible work, Saeid began working at another restaurant during morning shifts and began dashing in his off time. After DoorDash became more popular in North Vancouver, he left the restaurant job and began devoting more hours to dashing.

Saeid joined the DCC to help DoorDash grow even more in North Vancouver, having started when DoorDash first expanded to the market. He hopes to bring the perspective of a former restaurant owner.

- Saeid Farhadian

North Vancouver, BC

Cory started dashing after seeing the increase in deliveries during his time working in restaurants. As a single father, Cory enjoys the ability to earn income and manage his funds while maintaining the time and flexibility he needs to be a parent as well.

Cory joined the DCC to help improve the experience for both dashers and clients through feedback on customer support, social media strategy, and our engagement with minorities.

- Cory Marshall

Victoria, BC

Teresa began dashing when she lost her job as a retail manager during the pandemic. DoorDash allowed her to find income to stay afloat and eventually afford another vehicle for her fiance to begin dashing as well. She loves that DoorDash has allowed her to build a life on their own terms and connect them to their community.

Teresa joined the DCC to share her experiences dashing, test new features, and be more involved in the Dasher community.

- Teresa Pellizzon

Kelowna, BC

Randy started dashing as a way to earn additional income and as a means to get out of the house. His primary job requires international travel, which became restricted during the pandemic. After joining other food-delivery platforms, Randy has deemed DoorDash the best overall experience.

Randy joined the DCC to help improve safety and improve efficiencies around order assignments.

- Randy Kehler

Winnipeg, MB

Niloofar started dashing as a way to earn while studying as an international student. Dashing allowed her flexibility to earn income with the limited working hours she has and allowed her to prioritize her study schedule.

Niloofar joined the DCC to share her ideas on the platform, compare against other services, and give feedback on marketing strategy.

- Niloofar Hazrati

Richmond Hill, ON

Mellika began dashing after a referral from a friend. As a mother of a teenage son, she was seeking ways to make ends meet during the pandemic. Dashing gave her the tools she needed to be independent, successful, and confident in her ability to provide for herself, her son, and her pets.

Mellika joined the DCC to give feedback on the product, the future of work, and to share her experience dashing.

- Mellika Upham

Windsor, ON

Anes joined the platform dashing from his interest in driving and customer service. What he enjoys most from the platform is the flexibility and autonomy dashing affords him to be his own boss.

Anes joined the DCC to share his experiences and ideas around dasher pay and dasher availability.

- Anes Zaidi

Saint-Hubert, QC

Dasher Experience

Learn how we’ve responded to Dasher feedback, from implementing new app features to creating a direct line of communication to the company:

  • DoorDash launched programs and policies specifically to support Dasher health and safety while delivering in their communities. This includes:
    • COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program which provides two weeks of health-related financial assistance
    • Free PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like masks and hand sanitizer
    • Contactless deliveries by default
  • DoorDash regularly educated and shared information with Dashers to help them stay informed, including sharing vaccine eligibility, resources, guidance on how to protect themselves, and more.
  • 24/7 Support: DoorDash has a 24/7 support team based in Canada, available to Dashers who need to report concerns, ask questions, or get help. Dashers can contact the support team via phone, chat, email, and in-app.
  • Town Halls: We currently host virtual town halls to gather feedback directly from any Dasher who volunteers to do so.
  • Dasher Digest: Every Friday, Dashers receive the Dasher Digest, with content specifically for Canadian Dashers. The Digest updates Dashers on the latest products, policies, tips, and guidance.
  • Quarterly Surveys: DoorDash is issuing surveys on a quarterly basis in order to better understand Dasher perspectives.
  • This year, we launched a specialized Canadian Dasher Community Council to better serve Dashers and ensure the Dasher Community Council truly represents the voices of Dashers in your country.
  • The Dasher Community Council’s mission is to represent a unified voice for Dashers and works to ensure that all Dashers feel valued, included, and appreciated as they strive to provide excellent service for merchants and customers.
  • There are nine members of the Canadian DCC, hailing from as far west as Victoria, British Columbia, and as far east as St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador and many places in between. They come from a variety of backgrounds, and Dash for a variety of reasons. Their diversity is what helps DoorDash get an accurate understanding of what Canadian Dashers really feel.
  • Learn more about the Dasher Community Council.

We worked closely with Dashers to make a number of improvements, including:

  • Alcohol scanners: We heard that the app-ID scanning feature wasn’t always working in Canada. Thanks to real-time feedback and valuable screenshots from our DCC members, we were able to find the root cause and resolve this issue. Scanners should be functioning seamlessly now.
  • Merchant tablet use: We understand that not all merchants are fully educated on the tablet and its features, in particular the “order ready” button. We’re working with our merchant teams to roll out better education on the technology so Dashers have less wait time and can get back on the road, earning more.
  • Nicknames for Dasher profiles: We understand a Dasher’s legal name may not always be their preferred name, so we’ve now added the ability to add a nickname based on a Dasher’s preference.
  • Challenge incentives: Through DCC feedback, as well as feedback Dashers shared with us in past surveys, we’ve learned that Challenge incentives help Dashers succeed on the platform. We’re now working to expand the Challenges program so Dashers have more opportunities to achieve their financial goals.
  • Bike Safety: We have partnered with HUB Cycling to make the streets of metro Vancouver safer for everyone, including those that deliver meals and other essentials on bikes.
  • Short-term Parking Relief: We understand Dashers do their best to find legal, safe parking to access restaurants, as well as drop off orders to customers, so they can complete their delivery orders quickly and efficiently. We are working with mayors across Canada to find parking solutions like this one with the City of Vancouver.

Hear from Canadian Dashers about how improvements have impacted them

I’m grateful for DoorDash because for the first time in my adult life, I’ve been able to put away savings, which will help me pay for the Masters program I’m looking into.

The DoorDash in-app chat feature has been incredibly helpful for any issues I’ve had while dashing. The support team is always eager to fix any problem I have and is constantly updating the app.

- Dale Norman

Chilliwack, British Columbia

My hours were recently cut at my waitressing job, so I simply dashed more and have made just as much money.

The DoorDash support team is incredibly helpful. Whenever I run into any issues, they’ve helped walk me through, step-by-step how to fix it. The app is very user friendly, so with just a few clicks, I'm dashing again!

- Reanna Haddrell

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

After working a construction job where I had to wake up at 5 am, flexibility was something I really prioritized when I decided to change jobs.

I’m no longer exhausted or worn out from my job as DoorDash allows me to work the hours I want, when I want. Additionally, I love the relationships I’ve built with local vendors who all know me.

The support team has also been incredible! I had an issue with an order once and the support agent went above and beyond to help me. DoorDash truly cares about the Dashers!

- David McElhaney

Surrey, British Columbia

I’m really grateful for the support I’ve been given from Team DoorDash. They provide all the tools I need to be the bridge between restaurants and customers, and it feels so great to know what I do makes people happy!

- Shoeleh Behinfar

West Vancouver, British Columbia

I usually only dash when I get notified that it is busy, so I can optimize my time to earn more.

On the occasions when I’ve faced an issue, like a closed restaurant or technical problem, DoorDash support is there to help me through it. I feel like DoorDash cares about me.

- Allan Miller

Campbell River, British Columbia

I started dashing during the pandemic lockdown, but as things have opened up, I’ve kept at it because of how much I loved it.

DoorDash support has always been very helpful, and very open and welcoming to feedback. For example, I was just approved for large order deliveries, and the team has been helpful in troubleshooting as I’ve gotten up and running.

- Tania Kwan

Vancouver, British Columbia

I have school drop off and pick up every day for my two kids, so a nine to five job simply wouldn’t fit my family’s schedule.

When I first started dashing, I was worried about trying to navigate the app as I’m not really a computer person, but DoorDash support was there to walk me through any questions I had. Since then, I’ve completed over 500 Dashes!

- Ravinder Dhillon

Surrey, British Columbia

I love Dashing because it gives me the opportunity to do what I want, when I want.

I also really appreciate how responsive DoorDash support is. I learned early on that if I have an issue, I can rely on the app to help me resolve it quickly.

- Fred Barton

Vancouver, British Columbia

It has helped me earn side income to save up towards the things I want. Right now I’m saving up to buy plane tickets to visit my family.

DoorDash goes above and beyond to help Dashers. They sent us PPE including masks and hand sanitizer at the start of the pandemic, which was helpful as there was a shortage in most places. DoorDash really cares about Dashers.

- Amrit Deep

Kamloops, British Columbia

When I’m on vacation or not feeling well, I know I can take as much time as I want and when I get back, I can start dashing again with no issues.

The app is very thoughtfully designed. I love that it provides Dashers with in-app navigation, making it easier to find the customer. Additionally, the in-app chat with the customer provides me the ability to communicate while also protecting my privacy. DoorDash really cares!

- Maryam Dehaghani

Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada Dashers who need to report concerns, ask questions, or get help can contact the support team via phone, chat, email, and in-app.