Proposition 22

On November 3rd, California voters listened to the vast majority of Dashers and app-based drivers and voted, by a large margin, to pass Proposition 22. In fact, more than 119,000 app-based drivers actively supported the passing of Prop 22!

Hear from Dashers about
why Prop 22 matters to them

Carlos Santoyo
Palo Alto, CA
Linda Cox
Fresno, CA
Antonio Duran
San Jose, CA
Yari More
Sunland, CA
Elizabeth Clews
Los Angeles, CA
Uriel Sabando
Mission Viejo, CA

What is Proposition 22?

Prop 22 protects the ability of Dashers to remain independent contractors and earn on their own terms while also giving them access to historic new protections like guaranteed earnings and healthcare contributions.

Dasher Stories

Dashers are ecstatic about the passing of Prop 22, and hundreds of them sent us their reactions to the news. We’d like to share a few of their stories.

Prop 22 matters to me because I can help support my family and also have the flexibility to be there for my family when they need me. I’ve worked in retail and had full time jobs before but I didn’t like the restrictions that came with being an employee. I absolutely love being able to choose my own hours and set my own schedule while also doing something I'm good at.

- Oriana Danielson, Rancho Cordova, CA

I voted YES on Prop 22 because the idea that Dashers like me are being treated unfairly is simply false. Having flexibility and knowing I will have a job anytime I need it and can travel to see my son without being fired was a big factor in why I took this opportunity. Now I can go back to school, invest in my education and know I can continue earning on my own terms with DoorDash.

- Marvin Keller, Los Angeles, CA

I suffer from fibromyalgia and my episodes are unpredictable. There are days where I cannot walk because of my pain and, because of that, I cannot have a regular job. Being able to have flexible work allows me to make reliable income and take care of my health. I supported Prop 22 because being an independent contractor it gives me the ability to help my husband with my income.

- Karla Becerril, Sacramento, CA

I need flexibility in my work in order to take care of my elderly mother. Prop 22 allows me to make my own work schedule so that I can still help my mother with her doctors appointments and take care of her when she is ill. I love that I am able to work as much or as little as I want!

- Karen Ritter, San Marcos, CA

I value being an independent contractor because the flexibility allows me to work around my daughter’s schedule. I am a single mother with no help and DoorDash has allowed me to work when I can to make ends meet. If I lost this independence I would struggle immensely to keep a roof over my daughters head. With childcare taking up most of my wages at a regular job, DoorDash is one of the things I depend on to make it through each month.

- Freya Houston, Sacramento, CA

I already work full-time, and I am a single father with 3 kids at home. Prop 22 allows me to continue to earn additional money for my family on my terms. As an independent contractor, I have the flexibility to schedule work with DoorDash when I am available. During times when my other jobs or family responsibilities are more demanding, I can choose to work fewer hours with DoorDash, something that would not be possible if I were to get another job with hours determined by the employer.

- Michael Sistrunck, San Marcos, CA