Future of Work

Building the future of work, right now

We’re partnering with Dashers, policymakers, and an array of community leaders to build a better framework for today's workforce.

Our Dasher community


Dashers earned more than $3.5B during the first 6 and a half months of the pandemic


54% Of total earnings in 2021 were earned by Dashers living in communities of color (almost $6bn).

Strong demand for
small increments of work


An overwhelming majority of Dashers work fewer than 10 hours per week


More than 4 out of 5 Dashers say that gig work is not their main source of income


By a 4:1 margin, app-based drivers want to remain independent


An overwhelming majority of Dashers say flexibility is very important to them

Building the Future of Work

Instead of getting caught in the no-win dichotomy of employment versus independent contracting, we need a third way that allows Dashers to maintain the independence and flexibility they value — while also ensuring they receive benefits tailored to the unique nature of work on platforms like DoorDash. We support the creation of a benefits framework that is easy to access and allows app-based workers to obtain new benefits while maintaining their independence.


Benefits should be connected to the individual so workers can move from platform to platform, taking their benefits with them without interruption or loss of funding.


Benefits such as occupational accident insurance for on-the-job injuries and protection against discrimination and harassment should exist for every worker — full stop. Workers should also be able to earn additional benefits like healthcare stipends and access to PTO/leave in proportion to how much they choose to work.


Allow workers to choose the benefits they want or need, accounting for the different ways people work with app-based platforms like DoorDash. Dashers can work as much or as little as they like, accept whichever jobs they want, and take as much time off as they want with the added assurance that they can return to dashing at any time.

With the impacts of a global pandemic and sluggish economy, now is the time to push forward on a comprehensive policy framework that protects Dashers while also preserving their independence.