DoorDash Accelerator
for Local Goods

We believe that communities thrive when we create equal access to opportunity for small business owners. The Accelerator is designed to empower consumer packaged goods businesses owned by entrepreneurs who are women, transgender, immigrants, or people of color with a $5,000 grant, wholesale readiness education and an opportunity to onboard their product to DashMart, a grocery store concept owned & operated by DoorDash.

Together, DoorDash and Next Street, along with other consumer packaged goods industry experts, constructed a six-week course curriculum that provides food and beverage businesses with tools, resources and training. Topics such as financial management and funding options, wholesale partner relationship management, marketing and business development help prepare businesses for growth.

Fall 2022 Cohort

Meet the 22 entrepreneurs in our Accelerator for Local Goods Fall 2022 Cohort! These business owners are based across California and produce incredible packaged goods including sweet treats, bakery items, snacks, ice cream, frozen foods, and non-alcoholic beverages.


of the cohort identify as female


of the cohort identify as immigrants or refugees


of the cohort identify as people of color

Angella Cole is a self taught Pastry Chef. She is a former Program Director of a major weight-loss center that specializes in helping both men and women lose weight and keep it off through exercise, diet, and portion control. She has also worked as a Pastry Chef at FOX executive plaza in Century City California.

- Angella Priscilla Cole

A Sweet Spot Corp.

At Amazake Co., we craft the highest quality Japanese fermented drinks and condiments.

- Atsushi Nakagawa

Amazake Company LLC

Aqua Equity Water is a Black-owned-and-operated, certified minority business enterprise, premium bottled water brand based in Los Angeles. Its water is packaged in 100% reusable & recyclable aluminum bottles. Aqua Equity Water is primarily sold through B2B sales channels like gyms, cafes, outdoor entertainment venues, and film studios. It is also sold online and at regional retail locations. The company invests 10% of its profits in urban communities.

- Ryan Morgan

Aqua Equity Water Co.

Chiki is an organic, tropical water made of botanicals and mountain alkaline water that supports hydration, gut health, and immunity. It is an ancient antioxidant botanical recipe from Ecuador, where it is viewed as the fountain of youth. Sustainability and social impact are at the core of Chiki’s efforts, driven by regeneration and female empowerment. Chiki connects small farmer communities to consumers via a blockchain-enabled supply chain and leverages science and technology to improve products, the planet, and the lives of farmers and consumers. The brand is anchored in LatinX culture––Reggaeton & Spanglish––easily engaging with the 26% Latin demographic that makes up Gen-Z, and beyond. For non-Latins, it is an approachable brand that invites them into the beauty of Latin culture and the tropics.

- Andres Izquieta

Chiki Chiki Boom Boom

Chocolate and the Chip is a woman-owned-and-operated small batch bakery specializing in brown butter chocolate chip cookies, cakes, and other delicious confections.

- Lonna Spitaleri

Chocolate and the Chip

DD’z Treatz is a black-owned, father-and-son start-up company where fruit and fun come together. We sell luxury grapes in many flavors such as Candy Apple grapes, Cookies & Cream, Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake & multiple vegan options as well.

- De'Andre' Watson

DD'z Treatz

Hella Nuts, a black- and women-owned plant-based eatery in Oakland, California, was born out of a passion for flavor and creating easier access to organic food in urban communities of color. Hella Nuts aims to transform the stigma around the vegan lifestyle that says it isn’t for people of color or that vegan food is flavorless into a widespread movement that brings delicious vegan food to everybody. Hella Nuts specializes in using an array of nuts, seeds, and legumes. Featured in VegNews, Peta, San Francisco Business Times, and more, Hella Nuts is proud to serve their community. And they’re open late for all your late night cravings!

- Mieko Scott & Kamari Quinones

Hella Nuts

Joe'y isn’t coffee. It’s your healthier pick-me-up. The company took everything you like about your old cup of joe, tossed out the bad stuff––like too much caffeine, jitters, and crashes––and added tons of long-term benefits––like superfoods, adaptogens, & mushrooms to naturally boost your energy, focus, and mental performance. Now, you won’t need as much caffeine in the first place. Consider this the next generation of your morning routine.

- Amanda Fields & Brendan Smith


Kavaia Tea’s herbal tea products offer natural and organic ingredients while being a unique product on the market using natural kava root––a calming and stress-relieving herbal root found in the South Pacific. In using kava root in our teas, Kavaia is changing your everyday cup of tea and making it your go-to calming tea. Kavaia’s teas range from tea bags to loose-leaf. Kavaia uses element’s of founder Elisiva Maka's Pacific Islander culture and heritage to make its customer experience extra special.

- Elisiva Maka

Kavaia Tea

Le Goût - Bakery and Café is a Lebanese bakery and café in Hollywood, California serving fresh, homestyle café items that are sure to satisfy and sweets that will impress at any party or gathering.

- Jimmy Zaarour

Le Goût - Bakery and Café

After 17 years in the insurance industry, Mama Cheesecake’s founder Marian A Lopez decided it was time to get back to what she loved... baking! She launched Mama Cheesecake to share the cheesecake recipe that she had created over 30 years prior–– from scratch! Mama Cheesecake specializes in handcrafted cheesecakes that cater not just to regular dessert people, but also to those looking to eat healthier by crafting top flavors made with only the highest quality ingredients, less sugar, and a lighter texture. It's not a thick traditional style, it's better!

- Marian A Lopez

Mama Cheesecake

Munchrooms’ mission is to make healthier snacking more achievable and sustainable with meat-alternative jerky. Munchrooms aims to provide people with more plant-based alternatives when it comes to meat snacks that are good for their body and the planet. Through our Asian-inspired flavors, we hope to expand people’s cultural palates and bring people together through our universal love for snacking.

- Gina Shi


My Sweet Melanin's mission is to heal the community. Their vision is to plant seeds of purpose in the youth to grow a better tomorrow.

- TeOnna Johnson

My Sweet Melanin

NEOPOP is a relaxation beverage for Millennials to manage daily stress––without CBD––in 3 delicious flavors with only 6g organic cane sugar and 30-50 calories. Their sodas are vegan, gluten-free, and use non-GMO ingredients.

- Adamya Sharma


Noodelist provides a taste of instant joy in the form of premium, plant-based instant noodles, powered by the superplant moroheiya––an Egyptian spinach. Noodelist is more than instant noodles; it is a next generation instant meal that closes the gap between healthy and tasty that can be enjoyed as a drinkable soup, as part of noodle salad, or as a gourmet meal. Just add boiling water, wait for 5 minutes, and enjoy your moment of instant happiness.

- Thuong Tan & Jenni Backholm

Noodelist Inc.

As the oldest family-owned, fortune cookie bakery in their city, the Oakland Fortune Factory still makes all of their cookies entirely by hand. Their passion is in making beautifully decorated chocolate-dipped fortune cookies in unexpected colors & flavors and their mission is to spread love & joy with tasty fortune cookies.

- Alex Issvoran & Alicia Wong

Oakland Fortune Factory

Paleo Treats was created in 2009 in a tiny kitchen in San Diego, CA with the dual mission to create epic desserts that fit healthy lifestyles and also to bring joy and fun to the world. With simple, whole food ingredients and the grace of fans the world over, Paleo Treats has exceeded its wildest dreams on all fronts. From tiny to tiny and mighty.

- Brenda Lee Selman

Paleo Treats

strwEATs is a “sweet, treat, and eat” stand dedicated to making people happy and satisfied by serving products infused with one of the most popular and healthy fruits of their region: strawberries. strwEATs hand-selects the strawberries that are used in their products, which are all made from scratch and promise to delight with their high-quality. You will jam to your own beat when you eat their delicious treats!

- Cecilia Ramirez Cid & Juliana Ramirez


The Cookie Dip Company provides accessories––AKA dip––for your cookies. With a variety of tantalizing flavors, you'll never eat cookies the same way again. It's the snack you never knew you needed. Instead of chips and dip, try Cookies & Dip... The sweet alternative.

- Zakiya Ellick

The Cookie Dip Company

The Giving Pies believes in the power of community to change the world, one pie at a time. To do so, they make handmade pies and donate a portion of their proceeds to help children with special needs play sports.

- Voahangy Rasetarinera

The Giving Pies

Since April 2020, The Very Best Cookie in the Whole Wide World has become a DTC small batch cookie company with every product made in Los Angeles using the highest quality ingredients. The brand keeps things simple and specializes in elevating the classics—from the OG and Not Yo Mamma’s RKT to The Cinner and Buttah Pecan— their kitchen-good cookies become the Very Best Cookies in the Whole Wide World.

- Kirstyn Shaw

The Very Best Cookie In The Whole Wide World

Treats by Sade specializes in supplying frozen, pre-baked Nigerian pastries such as Sade's Pies, sausage rolls, and various other delicious sweet and savory snacks. Treats by Sade will take you on a tour of the snacks in the region and give you a taste of Nigeria. Enjoy! Visit us online at to see our full line of products!

- Folashade Akintola Harrison

Treats by Sade

Program Impact

Meet the 43 entrepreneurs that made up our 2022 Spring Cohort Accelerator for Local Goods in New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago! The Accelerator participants represent a diverse cohort of business owners. Overall, 77% of the Accelerator participants are women; 20% of participants identify as immigrants or refugees; 40% identify as people of color; and 21% identify as Asian or Pacific Islander.

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Identify as immigrants or refugees


Identify as Black or African American


Identify as Latino, Latinx, or Hispanic


Identify as Asian or Pacific Islander

Benefits & Eligibility


Access to Capital

$5,000 grant

Education & Training

Live weekly trainings with CPG experts, self-paced virtual learning courses, and 1:1s with subject matter experts


Free marketing from DoorDash

Product Placement in DashMart

Opportunity to sell products in DashMart


  • Business is registered and actively operating in the state of California
  • Business owner resides in the state of California
  • Generated less than $1M in revenue in fiscal year 2021
  • Have been in business for 2 years or more
  • Sell sealed, packaged, and labeled food or beverage products in the eligible product categories (categories may change for each cohort)

Future cohorts may feature additional cities and include additional product categories. Add yourself to our email distribution list for future DoorDash Accelerator for Local Goods updates.

What is DashMart?

DashMart is a new type of neighborhood store, brought to you by DoorDash. It offers shoppers thousands of fresh groceries, household essentials, local treats, and more — delivered right to their doorsteps. You can access DashMart right from the DoorDash app, whether for a full week’s groceries or a late-night craving. These stores are owned, operated and curated by DoorDash, and available in a growing number of cities.

The Fall 2022 cohort of the DoorDash Accelerator for Local Goods will focus on product categories including sweet treats, bakery items, snacks, ice cream, frozen foods, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Next Street is a mission driven firm that is building the modern infrastructure for America’s small businesses, particularly focused on those that have been systemically left behind. Their work is anchored in the belief that small businesses are the drivers of economic and community development and the engines of inclusive growth. Next Street believes that when we elevate small businesses, we help individuals, families, and neighborhoods reach their potential. Next Street believes when we empower entrepreneurs and small business owners that have faced disproportionate barriers, we break down those barriers to accelerate a more just economy.


We hope to expand the Accelerator in the future and open additional cohorts and opportunity to apply. Check back here for updates.

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