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As we all navigate the new reality together, here’s a snapshot of how we’ve positively impacted the communities we serve.

The 2019 DoorDash Economic Report is available for download here.


Restaurant revenues and Dasher income generated through the DoorDash platform accounted for $13.2B in direct, indirect and induced economic activity in 2019.


In 2019, the DoorDash platform added $6.8B to the U.S. economy that would have otherwise not existed


Every $1 of incremental revenue spent on DoorDash will generate $2.37 of new economic activity


The large majority of customers agreed that DoorDash played an important role in helping them access food during the pandemic


The strong majority of restaurant owners agree that third-party delivery platforms services are good for their industry


More than half of restaurants say their business would have closed during the current crisis if not for DoorDash


Nearly ⅔ of restaurants say they were able to increase their profits during COVID-19 because of DoorDash


Almost half of restaurateurs say they used the money saved through DoorDash relief programs to keep their business from closing


The large majority of Dashers valued the free personal protective equipment provided through DoorDash

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