Helping local restaurants stay open

Running a restaurant has never been easy; nowadays, it’s harder than ever for many of the restaurants in our communities. That’s why we’re doing our part to help them keep their kitchens busy.

Expanding an industry

Restaurants report that DoorDash and other app-based platforms have helped them expand their customer reach and grow their business.


A large majority of restaurants believes that third-party delivery is good for the restaurant industry


3 out of 4 restaurants agree that DoorDash has allowed them to reach new customers


More than 2 out of 3 restaurants say they have acquired new dine-in customers through DoorDash

Supporting our partners

Our COVID relief initiatives have aided tens of thousands of local, independent restaurants – and we’re ready to help them stay up and running.


Since March 2020, DoorDash relief programs saved restaurants more than $120M


The odds of staying in business are 8x better for restaurants on DoorDash compared to all U.S. restaurants


Nearly ⅔ of restaurants say they were able to increase their profits during COVID-19 because of DoorDash

New challenges. New solutions.

The COVID-19 shutdown created an economic crisis for restaurants and restaurants in a matter of weeks. As restaurants and eateries began to shutter, we immediately launched a series of marketing and relief programs to help restaurants keep their doors open, including reducing commission fees by 50% for local restaurants during April and May 2020.

Main Street Strong

Helping restaurants reimagine and grow their businesses, including commission-free partnership options for eligible local restaurants, for a limited time.

Storefront builds an online ordering system for any restaurant. $0 fees for partners with five or fewer locations through the end of 2020.

Weblinks direct customers to DoorDash directly from a restaurant’s website. $0 commission fees for partners with five or fewer locations through the end of 2020.

Highlighting Local Restaurants

Featured marketing programs like "Local Restaurant Saturdays" and "Local Favorites" in the app spotlight independently-owned restaurants.

Local restaurant promotions generated 1 million incremental deliveries from the start of COVID-19 shutdowns through the end of May 2020.

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PPP Loan Access

We partnered with BlueVine to provide restaurants with an accessible path to applying for a PPP loan. Over 100 DoorDash restaurant partners received PPP loans totaling nearly $6 million.

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Disaster Relief

DoorDash’s Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund, in partnership with Hello Alice, offers $10,000 grants to eligible restaurants affected by natural disasters like fires, floods and hurricanes.

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Delivering change
in the restaurant industry

Immigrants, refugees and people of color often face obstacles when it comes to owning and maintaining their own restaurants. The biggest hurdles often involve financing and resources.

Kitchens Without Borders

We support immigrant- and refugee-owned businesses by raising awareness of their critical role in local communities.

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Black-Owned Businesses

We consider our commitment to supporting Black communities an ongoing effort that demands action through our product, our voice, and our resources.

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Currently, restaurants who identify as Black-owned or immigrant-owned on DoorDash have access to 0% interest loans through our partnership with Kiva.

Restaurant Resources

Read exclusive interviews with business owners, learn how to grow your business on DoorDash, on the Merchant Blog.

We’re sharing advice on industry operations, collected from a diverse group of restaurateurs.

Access free ebooks, live events, recorded webinars, tools, and templates to help your business grow.

Restaurant Stories

Restaurants and eateries were hit hard during the pandemic. We aided tens of thousands of local, independent restaurants, so they could keep cooking.

Corey's NYC Bagel
Epic Wings
Matty's Pancake House & Grill
Monster Pho
Public School

DoorDash took the initiative to help us. They helped us with fees and expanded our radius.

- Corey Kaplan, Owner, Corey's NYC Bagel, Chicago

DoorDash has been one of the reasons why we’re still able to be in business right now.

- Justin Rosenberg, CEO, Honeygrow, Philadelphia

DoorDash did promotions without a fee; generated more customers for us. It used to be 25%, now we’re doing 50% of our regular business on DoorDash.

- Tee Tran, Owner, Monster Pho, Oakland

[DoorDash was] the first company to figure out a way to help restaurants.

- Perry Cheung, Owner and Chef, Phorage, Los Angelas